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Brim in the New Year!

Posted on 30 December 2016

Model In Black Brim Hat
(Tumblr - Tierdropp)
Wide brim hats have been around for centuries. They always have a way of revamping themselves. As I grew up watching Rachel Zoe I noticed that she loved to throw a hat on with almost every look. It made me realize how versatile a Bohemian Hat can actually be.
They can be worn dressed down with a Bohemian inspired jacket, a romper, or a flowy blouse with bell bottom denim jeans. 
Wide brim Bohemian Hats can also be worn with a gown. It will give you a very chic flare to completing your look. 
(Rocky Barnes Blog)
Now, many people assume you have to wear your hat with your hair down but this is completely un-true. You can wear your hat with a low ponytail or with a tight low bun. It allows you to show your beautiful features.
Chikabonita Silver Hat
I love lounging by the pool or beach with my hat. I also love traveling with my it. Bohemian Hats are definitely an accessory that can be worn all year around, whether you are going to Coachella or running through the streets of New York in the winter in hopes of catching a cab. 
So what are your most favored ways of wearing this Bohemian style? If you don't have one yet I would strongly recommend you grabbing one before the New Year!
Black Brim Hat
Get your hat here.
Chikabonita Image

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