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Gypsy Fashion Inspiration

Posted on 28 July 2016

There are no rules in bohemian fashion, and there is no single place of origin or single influence. Bohemian style is a fusion of inspiration from all over the world, with an individual twist that’s different for every person. But there is a very good reason that ‘gypsy fashion’ is often used to mean the same thing as ‘bohemian fashion’. A bohemian lifestyle brings associations of freedom, nonconformity, and international travel. It comes as no surprise that bohemian fashion draws from gypsy and nomadic cultures.

A lot of key elements in bohemian fashion originated with groups of traveling people from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and India. Modern gypsy fashion mixes up beautiful elements from dozens of different cultures. They are then reinterpreted in exciting new ways. Traditional Indian paisley, Turkish silver jewelry, rich embroideries, desert-inspired head wraps. Bohemian style clearly shows the influence of gypsy fashion.

No single 'gypsy' culture led to the creation of bohemian style. Boho isn't about blind cultural appropriation. Instead, gypsy fashion is an expression of bohemian ideals: global communities, boundary-crossing beauty and the freedom of self-expression.

The relationship between ‘bohemian’ and ‘gypsy’ style is a long one. The original ‘Bohemians’, in seventeenth century Europe, received their name because of comparisons to the wandering gypsies of ‘Bohemia’ (now Eastern Europe).

So how can you bring a dash of this gypsy style into your own life?

Look for pieces inspired by traditional nomadic cultures all over the world. If you can, try to buy directly from local artisans. These are living, breathing cultures, and they need your support. Many online businesses sell accessories and jewelry from traditional societies. Buy from these smaller boutiques rather than massive high street stores.

Choose clothes that express the freedom we all find so appealing in gypsy fashion. Loose, flowing maxi dresses, bold prints and rich textures all draw on the gypsy spirit.

You should also remember that, for many people, ‘gypsy’ is a word with strong political meaning. There are real gypsies, and they do not all appreciate their traditions appearing as fashion trends. Be respectful when mixing gypsy influences into your wardrobe, and be appreciative of a culture that has a long and troubled history, despite its beauty.

Enjoy these stunning images of modern bohemian fashion inspired by traditional nomadic gypsy cultures.

Beautiful gypsy fashion

Gypsy style inspiration

Gypsy-inspired fashion

Gypsy style jewelry

Fashion inspired by gypsy style

Bohemian fashion inspiration

Gypsy fashion

Bohemian gypsy fashion

Gypsy fashion inspiration

All images via http://www.bohemiandiesel.com

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