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Packing For A Bohemian City Break

Posted on 23 October 2016

When you think of a bohemian vacation, you probably think of a beach first, or perhaps somewhere tropical. But what about city breaks? Can't they be just as beautifully bohemian? You won't be wearing a bikini and kimono,of course, but it's still possible to wear your favorite bohemian style in a city.

One thing that can make city break packing a little more difficult is packing. You might want to pack light if you're only taking a short-haul flight to a neighboring city (those luggage fees are expensive!). You might also find that a lot of your already limited space is taken up by comfortable shoes, your amazing but giant camera, and three different guidebooks. Then you also need space for all the clothes you're certain to buy in all the amazing shops that this city is so famous for. If this sounds familiar, then read on for the best ways to pack light and still show off your incredible bohemian style.

The very best way to pack light is to choose pieces that all go together. Mix and match neutrals to get a ton of wear out of each piece. Add your favorite boho jewelry to add an incredible style twist to otherwise simple pieces. Just be careful to pack each piece of jewelry separately so that you don't arrive at your destination to find an impossibly tangled mess of chains and jewels!


Bohemian city break fashion
Image source: http://stylelovely.com/mytenida/2016/10/mercado-la-paz

Another great idea for city break style is to pack basics but add gorgeous boho details like a fringed jacket. The best part about choosing a statement jacket is that you can wear it on the plane and save yourself packing space! Fringed details are a bohemian classic, but you could also wear a leather biker jacket, a shearling coat (for cooler weather) or perhaps a gorgeous printed bomber jacket.

Boho city style
Image source: http://stylelovely.com/mytenida/2016/10/western-girl-in-the-city

Here's another twist on classic basics. A midi skirt and blazer is conservative and elegant enough to work absolutely anywhere, but boho accessories add plenty of individual style. Sneakers are perfect for city breaks, which tend to involve a lot of walking, especially in Europe. Flat boots are another great footwear choice, but they can be more difficult to travel with.

Bohemian fashion for city breaks
Image source: http://www.vavawoom.com/annamavridis/2016/10/19/athens-street-style/

One thing that you might forget - but shouldn't - is a maxi dress. This isn't just a bohemian style statement. In a lot of places, covering up for religious sites is a requirement of entry. A lot of Catholic churches and Muslim mosques, for example, require women to cover their shoulders and knees. A maxi dress is easy to pack, quick to throw on in the morning, and will save you missing out on beautiful buildings or having to buy an overpriced cover-up in a tourist shop. If yours is a little low-cut or strappy, throw a pashmina on top (another piece that's easy to wear on the plane and works for every occasion).

Boho style packing tips
Image source: http://www.vavawoom.com/annamavridis/2016/09/29/sun-and-the-city/

What are your top tips for city break packing? Do you wear your bohemian style in the city as well as on the beach?

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