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Bohemian Fashion Essentials: The Maxi Dress

Posted on 02 August 2016

Imagine yourself running along the beach, warm tropical water splashing up around your feet, the wind whipping your hair. You're wearing the bohemian fashion of your dreams. Everyone's idea of the 'perfect' outfit is different, but there's a pretty high chance that yours involves a maxi dress. Am I right? Something lightweight and beautiful, swirling against your ankles and catching the ocean spray in its many folds.

Bohemian fashion maxi dress 1

(Anywhere Maxi Dress)

I'm sure we all know, though, that the reality isn't always the same as the dream. Maxi dresses can be a little awkward to style. Too far one way, and you look like a mess, too far the other way and you look ready to be a bridesmaid!

Thankfully, we're here to help! Here are three top tips for styling a maxi dress so that it's boho perfection.

Bohemian style maxi dress

(Sunset Dreaming Maxi Dress)

Choose an amazing print or color. Staying away from soft pastels or muddy browns will help keep your dress looking like an amazing style statement. Printed maxi dresses are especially amazing.

Bohemian fashion maxi dress

(Crochet maxi dress)

Pick the right shape. A flowing maxi dress will look more bohemian than something tight and fitted. Other details are up to your personal preference, but a super high slit will always look gorgeous.

Bohemian fashion maxi dress

(Kiss The Sky Maxi)

Keep it relaxed and casual. Sandals, boots or bare feet are more bohemian than high heels, which can look a little overdone worn with a maxi dress. Keep your hair messy and carefree - beach waves are perfect.

How do you like to style your favorite bohemian maxi dress?

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